Ganesh pandals

Ganesh pooja festival has begun, the festivities will continue for upto ten days. what began as lokmanya tilaks effort to bring people together through sarvajanik ganeshotsav has become a circus of money + power + noise + commuters nightmare…

money has become important since the media started reporting collections of the large mandals , the same lord presides in every devotees heart yet the clamour to have darshan of the largest and most wealthy persists. I do not seek to belittle the festivities , just that as an observer i feel that the time has come to reign in the runaway festivities.. yes a lot has been done in terms of curbing the noise pollution and the water pollution at the time of immersion , there is still room for improvement. as we thank the lord for all that he has given us let us refrain from destroying the very gifts that are given to us.

The money collected is used for the welfare of the people , this is not in doubt. in hindu tradition no person would touch the wealth of the lord. except for distribution to his devotees in various forms.

The commuting nightmare begins a week before the start of the festival with roadside pandals occupying as much space as possible, making vehicle and people movement restricted.

No wonder the vehicle of the lord is futuristic , envisioning the current state of roads and the traffic , he chose the smallest possible vehicle….. the mouse.

wish i could get a mouse as a vehicle … on second thought i do have it on my computer.

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Anna Hazare

Is india with anna hazare or is it against corruption .. the media shows people in support of anna hazare. while this can mean that anna is a leader whom all respect and are willing to listen to till he talks against corruption , he may go out of favour if he tries to get anything else done. this is the reason or the basis of democracy . we elect people based on one thought or flavour of the season and then the person wields power for the next five years without having to account for his actions during the period that he was in office . the next election he again has a set of promises and unfinished agenda.

what we as indians are really fed up with is us ….

why cant we do what we do better today than yesterday ? should we be a thinking society with no action ? are there really any options for the society to improve ?

if I cannot, as an ordinary citizen cause change that is effective and long lasting then there can be little room for improvement.

what is that one power a citizen can have to ensure that fellow citizens comply with the law of the land without having to accuse them of breaking the law ?.  cant we imbibe a  respect for law in every citizen just by ensuring compliance ??

are we too liberal that the minute you try to tell someone that his actions are inappropriate we get a retort “tum tumhara kaam karo beech mein tang mat adao “.  while fearlessness is good and an essence of democracy, are we taking it too far ?


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About me

Chowknews is my first site that i wanted to build as a news and classifieds blog , as an individual i see a lot of interesting things , things that i would like to change or appreciate.

I had written a lot of posts on the previous version of this website but am unable to retrieve them.  life begins afresh now…..

I am located in mumbai and most of my posts will be related to issues faced by a mumbaikar in daily life while traveling. maybe someday this blog may turn into a book.

fingers crossed and all eyes on the world around me …

Chowknews is a combination of the hindi word chowk meaning the meeting of 4 roads (crossroads) , in our village the crossroads is the favourite meeting place for young and old , a perfect place to get your daily dose of essential gossip and news …

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